TRAIN - Research and Innovation

As a project within the larger EUTOPIA alliance of European Universities, TRAIN (TRAnsforming Innovation & Research) has multiple work axes. The first one focuses on a Research & Innovation Agenda, and R&I Strategies, while the second one focuses on "Innovation for the 21st Century".
Developing a Common Research & Innovation Agenda and Dissemination

The integration of research communities will be supported by developing a common research agenda consisting of several components.

Firstly, this will include the setting out of a framework of the societal challenge areas that will be a common trademark for the EUTOPIA alliance. The framework will be closely linked to a foresight mapping exercise to understand the forthcoming priorities of both European and international initiatives, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Horizon Europe missions, and how these relate to EUTOPIA R&I expertise. ​

Secondly, this WP will scope the potential for sharing supporting research resources and infrastructures across the alliance. The realisation of the full benefits of a common research agenda will, in part, depend on the efficiencies to be derived from each EUTOPIA alliance university being able to access the research resources and infrastructures of the other partners. There will be legal as well as practical problems that will need to be identified and overcome. 

Lastly, bringing all these issues together, this WP will receive input from the other five WPs in order to evaluate the results of EUTOPIA-TRAIN through a cost-benefit analysis of all the activities and deliver a common EUTOPIA R&I strategy for taking forward EUTOPIA beyond the pilot project. Through the Dissemination Plan, EUTOPIA R&I stakeholders will input directly into this development process to ensure co-creation, and learnings will then be shared externally.​