TRAIN - Human Capital and Digital Tools

As a project within the larger EUTOPIA alliance of European Universities, TRAIN (TRAnsforming Innovation & Research) has multiple work axes. The fourth one is focused on Human Capital and Digital Tools

Human Capital and Digital Tools

In the bid of the project, the stated objective of this work package is to share best practices for and to develop strategies to, strengthen human capital.

In the kick-off meeting of this WP, its main goal was described as follows: to develop a Human Resource strategy to support the emergence of a challenge-driven knowledge-creation community across the EUTOPIA Alliance​". This goal is translated into three main objectives:


  • to support the integration of the R&I communities of the alliance through adequate tools and instruments and dedicated pilot programs.
    • mutualizing resources for skills and career development
    • Supporting research collaborations
  • to support the promotion of talent through a shared approach to skill upgrading, career development and common training programs.
    • Expansion of the Young Leaders Academy
    • Action plans for common doctoral and postdoctoral training programmes
  • to develop a common long-term EUTOPIA Human Resource strategy; key issues being:
    • The recruitment of young researchers, 
    • Diversity and inclusiveness
    • Career Assessment
    • Incentive Schemes