Grants, Legal and Innovation


As a project within the larger EUTOPIA alliance of European Universities, TRAIN (TRAnsforming Innovation & Research) has multiple work axes. The fifth and final one is focused on the Grant, Legal Support, and Innovation Office (GLENN Office).

Grants, Legal and Innovation office

The purpose of the EUTOPIA TRAIN GLENN office is to be a transversal tool capable of:

  • Creating synergies among our universities' research and innovation offices
  • contributing to the development of the EUTOPIA common agenda
  • Strengthening the alliance


It is projected to give quality R&I support to the EUTOPIA community:
  • Complement support not offered at the local level
  • Increase cooperation amongst EUTOPIA partners
  • Foster Interconnectedness amongst offices
  • Strengthen the EUTOPIA Alliance
  • Testing activities and sharing best practices in R&I-related matters
  • Gathering the latest intelligence related to upcoming EU calls
  • Giving expert advice to the EUTOPIA Researchers and management on R&I matters
  • Imagining the future GLENN, roles and functions of a centralised support office

These objectives will be supported via a network of GLENN officers throughout the universities of the alliance.